Wednesday, December 28, 2005

in an attempt to keep this up...

...let's post again!

twice in one week, i know i know..... and you know what? i don't really have much to mention at this point. i worked, i napped, i watched and listened to a todler wheeze her way through her afternoon nap, i took a shower, and before too awful long, i have to go to work for the evening shift. my life is like a rollercoaster. one that is out of comission that is......i'm thinking of putting that adsense thingy on here, in a futile attempt to make some extra money. it would have to involve all of you, yes all of 5 of you that have visited this week (ah! a hidden counter thingy) to actually click the ad links that google gives you. i wonder if there is a discreet way to put the thing in here. anyway, if you're dead against it, leave a comment. if not, next time i think of it, i may just put it in here.....
while i'm at it, also leave a comment if you need anything translated between dutch and english. i promise to use capitalisation, interpunction and check on spelling ;)

oh, as you may have noticed, i need to make me some money. i'm rather out of it. tips and hints are welcome. also, any reasonable job offers will be considered.....

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

yeah yeah, i know

it has been a while......

but while being back, i've been busy at the old boring job and catching up on sleep because of the old boring job. not much of an excuse, sleeping and working, but nothing much has happened really. you see, i did not get asked for a job interview for the job i desperately wanted, i did not so far win any kind of lotery, and i generally did not do much of anything at all. so why blog now? well, it seems like there is nothing much at all i can do at the moment. there are no jobs, crappy or otherwise, to apply for, there seems to be no fund for me to do anything but sit here and write, or read, or do some oldfashioned handy crafty stuff. i've done the latter, some of the middle so now i've come to do the former.

for those of you who know and those of you who don't, i'm trying to get myself across an ocean for a fair bit. there are plenty of ways to acquire a visum (or is it always visa?): you get married or engaged, you find a job, you make sure you have enough money to apply for a very very long travel visum/visa, or you go and play student. people who know me, and now all of you who don't know much of me, the first option is not much of an option. not because i've not been asked, but marriage is just not an option under any circumstance. i said no, many a time, and with witnesses. and in this case..... well, i don't feel much for being a missus to begin with, but being missus #3 is really not that appealing.
as far as option number 2 is comming along, i have not been able to even get a laughing response from those i applied to. and, if you can't even be bothered to send me an email back laughing your ass off in my face telling me to bugger off, i can't be bothered to ask you again if you please please please want to give me a job. although i'm pretty sure i'm up for it. it's that one-eyed thing i'm talking about, for those who know their mythologies.
due to crappy job, option 3 is a non-option, working a grand total of 8.25 hrs a week hardly supports me, saving up for multiple thousands of dollars is more of a mirrage than a distant reality.
in the light of my constant failing to find a job, the last option has always looked very appealing, for whatever reason that might be. during the last 4 years, i have been looking into going abroad for a semester, or maybe 2, to take a few courses in creative writing. the silly screenplay i wrote as a dissertation to finish my MA nudged me even more in that direction so it looks to be a viable option. i found me a nice person at UT Dallas who is forwarding my emails to someone who actually knows what steps to take, but she's not there for at least another week because of the silly holiday season. but, it's an opening, so i can't complain. ayway, today i went looking for funds. there's a great fund for dutch students trying to go to the us. it's so great that they want to ensure you don't go back for at least 2 years so if you are granted with this grant (which would actually almost cover tuition fees for 2 semesters), you are not allowed to enter the US on another visum/visa for 2 years after the period for which the grant has been granted has finished. so, while it may get me over there for a year, i can't go back but as a tourist for the following 2 years. if, for once, things go as planned, that is not really a good idea. so, unless i get any assistance in funding from that side of the pond, or i actually do win a 5 digit number not starting with 1 or 2 this new year's eve lottery, this looks like yet another dead end.

so, if you have a couple of thousand lying around doing nothing and you don't miss it, let me know. i know a really nice and friendly writer-to-be who could use it.........

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Monday, October 17, 2005

the saga continues......

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on our way we stopped for a tinkle and a stretch. not very restfull though, with that sign warning you .......

We all know Roswell, don't we?

it's where the aliens have landed. or, where there was a UFO crash followed by lots of fake looking alien disection pictures. all of that made us believe we really wanted to go there, what with all the alien things we hoped to find. Well, Walmart had a UFO sign stuck to it's shop front, and some of the streetlights were made into alien heads. the scariest part was when for some reasonb the road we were on had mysteriously disappeared, and the one we were now following took us to a deserted air field, curiously lacking a round landing strip for UFO's. it was scarily quiet, so we truned around and found some tiny little sign telling us where to turn back on the road we were looking for. Hurray for GPS!!!

oh well, we survived without being experimented on, so on we drove. to where i do not remember, i need the map which is not where the Arizona map is.... so i'll continue this later....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

so it's been a while

but nothing much has happened in between. well, i say nothing much, plenty, of course just not that much worth mentioning. but i guess you are all eagerly awaiting news from this side of the globe, and i'm happy to accommodate you with the latest from smalltown, USA.

the last post (no not the commemorative musical piece) was about the petrified forrest, wasn't it? so this one will include the much more impressive Carlsbad Caverns.

After we left the forrest, we drove to Santa Fe. we go there when it was already dark, and again we just kept going up. and up and up. and then up some more. apparently the south is built on about 7000ft (a little over 2km) of what i suppose to be rock or solid ground. that doesn't really matter, but my ears kept popping. after 5 days that kind of gets to you, in a bad way. Anyway, i had my first all american Walmart experience in Santa Fe. and right after that, i had my very first Sonic Banana Milkshake. woah! it has real banananana in it, and not just a hint of banananana flavour! it's awesome!the next day i got that little spot of good news concerning my graduation. called mom and dad, who were celebrating with chinese. so i bought myself 2 cheapass bracelets (but i like em, christal and jade) at Jackalope, one of the bazaar like shopping things. it's fun as long as you know how to keep you money hidden.

after that we hit downtown, which is as much unlike any other US downtown you will ever find. It's all adobe buildings, and nothing really goes over 3 stories high. that goes for the rest of Santa Fe as far as i could see it. it was incredibly warm, and we visited toe Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, which, of course, was tiny but it had a nice collection of flowers on display. after that, my first 'mexican' food. it was hot, but not nearly as hot as Heidi's cooking. and it had a lot of beans in it. yuck. they seem to be big on that here. beans. refried too, which means they fry them somewhere, mash em up at that same place, put it in a can, which at home you open up, put in a pan and warm up again. ew. anyway, Santa Fe. i cannot stop making that rhyme, sorry, i'll try not to do that any more. after the food we looked around, i found a very lovely blue stoned necklace, the indian blue thing of which i can not right now remember the name of, but the quite simple necklace was on sale for only $60 now. so we let that pass. it wasn't $60 nice. we found the way back to the car by changing the batteries from the camera into the GPS, which turned out to be useful. we drove on from SF to some kind of road side stopping place cum watering hole, of which i hardly remember anything, because i did my favourite thing while being in a car. i slept. after the stop, where we had the usual energy drink (can you imagine anything worse than Redbull? i can!). after that i drove a long long way, all the way through fields and fields of nothing. until we got to Roswell.

But, alas, that will have to wait until another post, since it's mass time in just a few minutes. for those of you that do not play, it means i'm doing useless typing in of numbers and letters for the next 90 min at least


Monday, October 03, 2005

jaja, kweetut

maar ik moet de grot fotos nog steeds van mijn camera halen........

Monday, September 26, 2005

it's official

someone fell for it and approved my graduation! it worked, and now it's official. i'm smart!

Friday, September 23, 2005

woaaaaaaah said the squirelly..... that's a big fucking hole!!!! now where did i throw that acorn at.........

that would be this particular one.....

wow..... i wonder who put that hole in the ground, and why. it's really really really pretty, and HUGE!!!!! but i don't see any other use for it...... not that it needs it, but it must've been really inconvenient too at some point in time. 'neways, some more pics here.....

apparently i was there too. notice the sweater, jeans and scarf. add to that the fact that i am actually in Arizona, where it's always warm. bleh, i got a sore throat, a swolen gland in my neck, and just a then a little fever too. yay! i get to the biggest hole in the ground you've ever seen and i get sick.....

ok ok, you can't see the scarf. but i'm wearing it, believe me. at least by now, the fever has gone, and with it the muscle aches. today, before driving to santa fe, we went to the petrified forrest and the painted desert. (<------ see that? desert..... guess what happened in the desert, today AND yesterday..... yes, it rained) but it was really cool and we didn't get rained on, and most of all, it wasn't too hot either.

lots more where that came from, but now i'm peckish ( 10.30pm on a burger and a bacon sandwich) and we apparently need an eraser and some nivea. so i'm off for now, sure i'll post again soon........

btw a change in plans due to these silly hurricanes. seems like there's another one about to hit. close to Houston this time so i'm told. so the roads are all full and therefor no Austin right now. so we're on to Carlsbad tomorrow, where they have caves, after we hit the art quarter here. from there, i guess it's on to Greenville, TX.

PS. congrats Theresa!

DG (or any other PR member reading this) hope you got away without too much trouble. hope to see you soon.

BYE!!!!! or as they seem to say around here.... ADIOS!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

starbucks am teh cool

uhuh..... niet iedere koffietent heeft inet ;)

maar starbucks wel!

San Diego was net als de rest, veeeeeeeel kleiner dan verwacht. de zoo was best leuk hoor, maar kan niet tippen aan de Burger's zoo. museum park viel ook tgen, want, uiteraard op maandag was de helft dicht. het fotografie museum dat wel open was, werd natuurlijk verbouwd, met zo'n beetje 10% waar we wel bij konden. was wel aardig, maar toen hebben we het maar opgegeven. dus nu zijn we onderweg naar de grand canyon (niks geboekt, dus ook nog geen slaapplaats)

maar de frappuchino was lekker, en je kunt hier internetten. dus all is good in the world. toedels maar weer, tot de volgende starbucks

Saturday, September 17, 2005


emailing Heidi's pictures won't work so you'll all have to wait just a few more days to see all those awesome pics! patience, grasshopper!

btw, apparently there's a game on in Berkeley. do i attract these things or what?


yay! my designated driver has left!

and the weather turned better around noon. so not too bad at all
went to the SFMOMA (very nice) and after to chinatown. i did the Lonely Plannet walk, and it seemed like that was just me for a change ;)

anyway, i ended up at the fortune cookie factory, where they make you pay for making pictures. to make up for that i bought a big bag of cookies too. i wonder what mr fortune cookie has under it's dough for me. for lunch i had pad thai or however you spell it (yours was better Heidi) at some park full of chinese people. i've never felt so white in my life. for some reason or other there were 2 'elders' (van die gezellige mormonen jongens die de boel willen bekeren) in a park full of chinese men. how odd. i walked on and on and on and on, up a hill and down a hill and back up a hill until i got to a really big hill called Telegraph Hill. so i climbed it, as i had nothing else to do in particular, and i wasn't planning to come back. i took the elevator all the way to the top of the tower on top of the hill, from which i could see very far. very far indeed, but no good pictures as there was smudgy glass between me and the view. oh well, wasn't too bad. after climbing all the way down i went in the direction of the Financial District (oh how tedious) where i paid the Wells Fargo people a visit. they had a little informative display on the pony thing and something to do with wagons and highway men. there was also a camera crew. it was fun to make silly pictures on the balcony with a flashlight (hehehehehe). i soon got bored of the not so exciting sky scrapers s i made my way back to the hostel to rest my feet and more particular, my knees who don't seem to like the amount of (hill)walking i'm doing these days. all in all i had a good time, got round to clear my camera and buy some pizza slices. tomorrow is really Berkeley time. nothing else is planned and i've got the supershuttle people picking me up on sunday morning at the ungodsly hour of 6 in the AM to get to the airport. i hope it is quite a drive, since it's 3 hrs before my flight leaves.

all that is another adventure, so you'll hear about that another time.

grtz, judith

ps. sorry to miss you here Kalki, why not fly back by way of Dallas so you can come to the meeting? jk, but it would've been fun.......

Thursday, September 15, 2005

kleine wasjes, grote wasjes......


zit hier midden in little china town, hoewel de kaart dat niet zo ziet. er zitten 'slechts' chinese winkels, restaurants, laundry services enz. in deze straat. en de volgende. maar ja, voor het luttele bedrag van $6 wordt mijn vieze wasje gewassen, gedroogd en weer netjes opgevouwen. anders moest ik het zelf doen, en 2 uur gaan zitten wassen. als jhe het zo bekijkt, is $3 per uur niet zo slecht.

nou, Dnever was op zich niet eens zo erg ;). alleen de hostel viel op het eerste gezicht nogal tegen. maar dat kwam misschien omdat het warm was, ik nog niet gegeten had, en ik de was had willen doen, en omdat het een half uur lopen van de bewoonde wereld was. maar ja. het was niet eens zo'n slecht bed, en het viel op tweede gezicht ook nog wel mee met dat vieze. na het volgende berichtje ben ik lekker naar het centrum gelopen, de Barnes and Noble boekwinkel (met coffeeshop!) opgezocht, en daar eens lekker van de airco en een koffie genoten. (koekje erbij?) daarna een beetje rondgelopen, maar er is echt niet veel te doen als je maar een paar uurtjes hebt. ze hebben daar ook al een Capitol Building, dus netjes ook maar weer wat fotootjes geschoten. van de buitenkant, had echt geen zin om er heeeeeelemaal naartoe te lopen. dus maar weer terug gelopen nadat ik een hele fles water naar binnen had gewerkt (goed he?). tijdje rondgehangen op het toch wel leuke balkonnetje, en daarna binnen een tijdje aan de telefoon gehangen. best leuk dat gratis bellen naar mesen met dezelfde provider. op het laatste nippertje mocht ik nog aanschuiven bij de italiaan op de hoek, maar wat kunnen ze hier toch slecht met pasta omgaan! dit is de derde keer dat ik iets pasta-achtigs at, en de tweede keer dat het echt ongelofelijk slecht was. na ja. het was weer eens wat warms in de maag.

de volgende ochtend op tijd opgestaan en richting de gratis bus gelopen. ik was een kwartiertje te voreg, wat maar goed was, want wonder boven wonder was de trein op tijd! kon nog net na hte inchecken van mijn baggage ergens een (goede!) kop koffie scoren. daarna maar snel naar de trein. de jongen die voor em de trein inliep kon toch geen goede plaats vinden, dus heb ik maar over mijn o zo genereuze hart gestreken. na een tijdje kwamen we in gesprek, wel grappid, deed me erg denken aan Kugs. anyway, hij moest eraf in Glenwood, en de rest van de reis had ik mijn 2 steoltjes voor mezelf. dus, gisteravond kwam ik aan, met de bus naar downtown, en lopend naar de hostel. lekker chinees gegeten, en vandaag dus eindelijk die vieze was. het weer is niet echt denderend, volgens mij heeft het geregend, en op de trein hadden ze het over 63 graden. dat ik ongeveer zo'n 16 a 17 graden voor ons normale mensen.

voor de mesen thuis:

hoe is het met iedereen? de kindjes allemaal al weer gegroeid? (oh ja, ik ben pas 2 weken weg)

Kees/Theresa: wat is het geworden, hoe bevalt het om oma te zijn?

Pa: wie had ooit gedacht dat receptionist zo leuk kon zijn ;)

ron: is de auto al overgeschreven?


Monday, September 12, 2005


independant hostels suck. granted, this one looks moderately less icky than the onther one, it's also at least a half hr walk from the bus i need to get back to the station at 7.30am tomorrow. i'm going back ti HI tomorrow, so it's just one day. this place looks like my room just before i get the urge to clean. yes, it's that bad. and in Denver no less. there are laundry facilities, but they are being used. well. the washing machine is full. guess i'll be doing that in SF as well. better get my sweater back out of my laundry bag. the train is cold. outside is warm, so i really need stuff washed. at least i washed myself now, so that's improvement. i'll be ordering a cab to the station tomorrow, i'm done with walking around with that heavy beast on my back. anyway, got to try and do something remotely usefull, like eating. Denver sure must have some food. i saw a starbucks on the way. that's just one half hour walk and a ride on the bus away. can you see me cheering? i bet not, else your eyes are playing tricks on you. bleh

Friday, September 09, 2005

bla bla bla, i have nothing to do........

yay..... i have nothing to do. at all. first night alone, and i'm on the puter. hurray me ;)

i had a nice flight to Buffalo, had all of one cup of water as on board catering. buffalo's alright. not too much going on apparently and the TGI surprisingly sucks. [insert sarcastic look here]. it's the falls tomorrow morning, and some artsy fartsy thing in the afternoon. then i guess i should prepare for the first stint of the train journey. it's about 20 hrs cut in half by a stop in Chicago. the Lincoln HI has not been answering the phone so far, so i'm not sure still where i'll be staying. at least now i have some options for Denver as this hostel has some leaflets. the place looks nice and clean, has a kitchen and a lounge, so i'll be fine where i am. i'm glad to have an extra day in SF though. 2 did seem a bit short..... Ron: i might be able to go to alcatraz after all ;)

anyway, while hoping for some peace and quiet, there's a german girl in the room looking for a chat, and rather desperately too. anyway, nothing much to do here but catch a movie. which i don't really want to go there right now. i'll just crawl onto a couch with my book which finally got exciting :)

that, and i really want another book, and i can't get one until i finish this one.

bye for now, still no pics unfortunately.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

important msg!!!!!! belangrijke mededeling!!!!!

for all who care: the amtrak schedule has moved one day back

therefore, i'm leaving Buffalo the night of the 9th aso.

voor wie het aangaat: de treinreis wordt 1 dag naar voren geschoven, dus niet de 10e uit buffalo weg, maar al de 9e. dus kom ik 1 dag eerder in SF aan........ tijd is weer op, doei!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

eh yeah..... washington

ik heb vandaag wat tijd, dus doen we het maar eens zo......

NY was leuk, maar het is nooit echt 'i <3>

maar nu zijn we in Washington DC. gister aangekomen, maar gaan lopen naar het witte huis (slecht plan) daar was niet veel te zien, behalve politie mensen, guards and what not. daar achter licht het WWII memorial, wel mooi, en de reflecting pool van 'i have a dream' ook het lincoln memorial en het washinton memorial. daar een beetje rondgehangen en de taxi terug genomen naar Adam Morgan (onze wijk) hapje gegeten, pilsje gedronken, en weer op tijd naar bed..... wat zijn we saai ;)

vandaag het smithsonian en capitol hill. wie weet, misschien staan daar ook wel stijgers omheen.

amerika is een grote bouwput. een echt ontwikkelingsland.

groetjes, Judith en heidi

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

bai bai NY

the last day here was at least better than the day before. MoMa was very nice, bought new knickers at H&M of all places. had a late lunch in the park (yes, another hotdog) and went to pee at Bloomingdale's and Saks (B's is much nicer). we also got sprayed at to smell different (won't say nice, cuz it wasn't always nice ;) ). H got new sneakers, and a bd present for her eldest brother. woke up at a little more acceptable time, 4.30am, which means our neighbour got home late. second awakening was around 8, so yes, a lot better. consequently, i've been tired all day. my feet are about to go on strike, but we're not giving in just yet. there's 66 hrs on the train to look forward to. phone's def. working but have decided against voicemail. turned up the sound of the ringtone, so i should hear you. if i don't, i'm doping something else :p. anyway, it's the 3 min sign again, time to check email.

see y'all later in DC!!!!!

Monday, September 05, 2005

yesterday...... all my blisters....

short recap of yesterday: got the Greyhound tickets, went on to the rockefeller centre, then lobby of chrysler building, grand central station, picked up the tickets for Rent and got changed, saw Rent, went to the comedy cellar, spent way too much money there, but it was fun. then went in search of an Irish pub, got no result there, but did drink a bud light (yuck) and a guinness at some peculier pub (c). sore feet too.

today was Central Park day. we started good by just getting into the abyssinian mass in Harlem. sat for 2 hrs, then sat at the subway again to the park. had a chicken inspired lunch on a boat while burning my shoulders. life is bad, i know.......

anyway, the Met was nice but huge, and the Guggenheim was a very square experience. in other words, it sucks. more sore feet, but tonight we're going to have a burger at the empire diner, and try to get into a film, chucky's bride by another name

/me looks at heidi......

the corpse bride, that's the film. anyway, just 3 more minutes, and my feet are really very sore, there a pics to prove it, just be patient, they will be here some time in the future.

'neways, gotta check ma mail too, so bai bai for now, see y'all later!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

the death of a bag.......

alas, today mrs glittery bag died...... i pulled off all i could, but the lining is dying too. too bad, cuz i liked it. anyway, in short, times Square, chrysler building, grand central, rockefeller, dinner at chinatown, Rent, and now on to the comedy cellar. time's up almost, so i'll see what else to put in
blister count: 2.

eh..... hairt doesn't like the town, but NY is great at night from the empire state building. got to go again, bye bye all

Friday, September 02, 2005

day 1.5

there's little time, and much to tell, so excuses for m,y dutch audience, i will add the translation when i have more time.

in short, NY is warm (no not hot, you texonians). my feet hurt and so do my hips and thighs, but we did walk Brooklyn Bridge, all the way from Wall St. had to come back to change, wrong cloting choice, me of course. no pics yet, no full cards yet, so no cr's with them on it. haven't made many yet anyway, not while i have my personal photographer with me still. anyway, we got kicked out of the Woolworth building, no visitors. we did not see the stock exchange, no visitors. we did take the staten island ferry, which of course does not stop at Ellis Island ;) but we saw it all, even the WTC site. please excuse me for my rudeness, but only the fact that we all saw those people land on the pavements moved me a little. the entire ground 0 area, well....... it's another building site. for some reason, it did not, just like the rest of NY i've seen so far, impress me greatly. i like NY, i like the skyline, i kinda like the ppl, the atmosphere...... but i don't see what all the fuss is about. yeah those skyscrapers are high, but not as i expected. anyway, it's not all semi-nice ;)

by accident, while looking for the pedestrian path on BB, we found TKTS or whatever it is spelt. we got half price tickets for Rent, tomorrow afternoon!!!! how cool is that?
we walked mosty of the day, so decided to skip on the free and probably busy Guggenheim. we'll do that another time. got me some much needed sandals and a new phonenumber as well. i'll put it in in a bit, so if you need me, call me at

00 917-664-2944

i guess that should work.
anyway, i'm off now, see y'all in a bit

Sunday, August 28, 2005

it's time it's time!!!!!

10 hrs from take-off!!!

tzit er bijna op, alles is geregeld, de tas is te zwaar, maar ik zal m'n haartjes vaak wassen, dan gaat dat ook weer over. twijfel tot hier en gunder, trui, vest of toch maar de zomerjas. de trui zit al in de tas, de jas zal daar ook geraken. en dan de trui eruit, voor in het vliegtuig.

  1. uitschrijven Groningen
  2. ANWB afzeggen.
moet nog ff wat doen geloof ik.....

het volgende nieuws komt uit the big apple. ik kijk er naar uit ;)

het zit erop - finished!

nou ja, werk zit erop.

gedag gezegd, pintje gepakt met stefan die een baan heeft. appelflapje bij de postbussenpost. maar ja, ik ga woensdag nog even langs, want dan is Iris er voor 't laatst. Patricia ook, en wie weet wie nog meer. gaat lekker daar. btw, fijne vakantie, Theo.

de niewe glittertas heeft tot op heden pas 1 onderdeeltje verloren. benieuwd wat ervan overblijft. leuk project voor regenachtige dagen.

maar...... de afgelopen week. het meeste regelwerk is zo'n beetje wel gedaan nu. Spaans is eindelijk binnen, verzekering geregeld. woensdag lekker naar de stad geweest met Heidi. helaas voor haar niets, maar ik ben eindelijk geslaagd voor een zwarte rok. gelukkig hadden ze die schoenen niet meer die ik gepast heb. nog wel een shirtje gekocht, en oorbellen. we moeten natuurlijk wel een beetje leuk voor de dag komen in NY. nu nog even een kilootje of twee eraf....... hoera! woensdag mosselen eten! dat wordt dus niks.
donderdag Daan opgehaald, en dat komende dinsdag nog eens herhalen. vrijdag maar weer de stad in, dit keer met ma en Floris. eindelijk de zip-zakjes gevonden. helaas pindakaas, m'n energy glow was weer eens uitverkocht, dus dat moet ook woensdag nog eens over. verder nog wat cheap ondergoed gekocht. en koffie en thee. om op te sturen. en toen stopte mijn horloge er mee. het zou eens een dagje goed gaan.

zaterdag na het werk lekker alsnog uitgeslapen en geluierd. om een uur of drie was het welletjes, en het huis maakte geluid; reden genoeg om maar eens in de bewoonde wereld te gaan rondneuzen. pa heeft een nieuwe fiets. hoera! hij is er helaas maar 1 keer voor onze neus afgevallen. lachen is goed voor je! de broek heeft eindelijk geen gaten meer, maar lichtgroene tricot patchwork.
's avonds naar Howl's Moving Castle geweest. Assepoester meets Candy Candy. vermakelijk en met mooie kleurtjes. twas leuk, Joost.

vanavond lekker eten, maar nu eerst de was...........

  1. scriptie digitaliseren
  2. scriptie inleveren in de bibliotheek + bewijs van inleveren
  3. Heidi moet haar ov inleveren
  4. uitschrijven Groningen
  5. apotheek + medicijnen paspoort
  6. ANWB afzeggen.
voor ik het vergeet:
Heidi, het is 29 graden in NY. summer, here we come!!!!!

well, work is...

said my goodbyes, had a beer with Stefan who found a job. apple pastry to go with postal boxes.need to go by on wednesday, there's still that package to be sent, and Iris and Patricia are working their last ever shift. who knows who else is leaving. btw, enjoy your holiday, Theo.

the new glittery bag has only lost one part so far. curious to what will be left of it. it'll make a nice project for rainy days.

but...... the past week. most of the organizing has been done so far. Spanish is done, as is the insurance thing. went shopping with Heidi on wednesday. unfortunately, she didn't buy any, but i finally found that black skirt i wanted. fortunately, they did not have those shoes any more. i did buy a top, and earrings. we do have to try and look good in NY. now to lose 4 pounds before leaving... hurray, mussles on wednesday! i can forget about that now
thursday i picked up Daan, will be repeating that next tuesday. went to shop with mom and Floris on friday. found my zip bags. peanutbutter, my energy glow was sold out... so i'll have to try again on wednesday. got me some cheap underwear too. and coffee and tea, to send ahead. at which point, my watch decided to stop. i know, it's too much to ask for things to go well all day long.

saturday after work i slept in and was generally lazy. at around 3pm i had enough, and the house made noise. reason enough to check out that thing they call "real life"
dad got a new bike. he only fell off once in front of us. laughing is healthy!
the jeans are fixed. no more holes, but it gained some light green tricot patchwork.
went to see Howl's Moving Castle in the evening. Cinderella meets Candy Candy. pretty colours and good animation. i had fun

out to dinner tonight, but not before i've done laundry.........

  1. digitalise research paper
  2. hand research paper over to library + receive receipt
  3. unregister at Groningen
  4. Heidi has to hand in her ov
  5. chemists + medicine passport
  6. ANWB opzeggen
before i forget:
Heidi, it's warm in NY! summer, here we come!

Monday, August 22, 2005

een dag later...... - a day after the day before

het was feest!

en dus cadeaux!!!!!

meiden, joost, gerda en leo en monique en christ en kitty, dik en ingrid en de meiden: bedankt voor de enveloppen, dvds, ketting, tas en moleskine :)
twas erg gezellig en ben blij jullie weer allemaal gezien te hebben, maar die foto van mezelf op de gsm moet wel overnieuw.... wat errug zeg.

plannen voor deze week:

Howl's Moving Castle
winkelen maar geen geld uitgeven
uit eten met de meiden

en natuurlijk:
  1. punt voor spaans achterhalen
  2. scriptie digitaliseren
  3. scriptie inleveren in de bibliotheek + bewijs van inleveren
  4. verzekering bellen ivm met 3 maanden weg
  5. broek maken
  6. Heidi moet haar ov inleveren
  7. uitschrijven Groningen
  8. apotheek + medicijnen paspoort
we had a party!

a party means presents!!!

girls, joost, gerda and leo and monique and christ and kitty and dik andn ingrid and the girls:
thanx for the enveloppes, dvds, necklace, bag and moleskine :)
twas good to see you all again, i had a great time, but that pic of me on my phone has to go...... it's horrible!

plans for this week:

Howl's Moving Castle
shopping but not spending
dinner with the girls!

and of course:
  1. get my grade for spanish
  2. digitalise research paper
  3. hand research paper over to library + receive receipt
  4. call insurance concerning 3 month leave
  5. reconstruct jeans
  6. unregister at Groningen
  7. Heidi has to hand in her ov
  8. chemists + medicine passport

Saturday, August 20, 2005

tumdiedum....... bennie nerveus


niet eens 2 weken meer :S
morgen feestje, ben natuurlijk vergeten om te zeggen hoe laat, en denk ook dat freek het meeltje niet heeft. schiet lekker op he. luie muts. toevalli
g vrijdag laarzen opgehaald, dus kan ik weer iets afstrepen, maar er moet toch weer wat bij. gelukkig was de reparatie gratis, want dat kon er ook nog wel bij. vandaag geshopt, alleen eten. gister in de stad mezelf geergerd aan het feit dat ik ECHT niks meer mag kopen. dus ook geen tasje, en zeker geen schoenen. uit frustratie maar weer aan het rijgen. net een ketting afgemaakt, lekker belangrijk (nou ja, deze wel, maar dat andere gerijg is een tikkeltje overbodig).

nog steeds niks gehoord van spaans, extra frustratie want ik kwam erachter dat ik al klaar had kunnen zijn als ik dat punt maar had gehad. joepie. het zou wel eens fijn zijn als er iets gewoon zou lukken. begin het een beetje beu te worden dat alles steeds maar tegen zit.

ook goed nieuws the melden: opa had bij wijze van cadeau monetaire hulp achter gelaten op de deurmat, waarvoor dank :) weer een nachtje slapen gefinancierd!

nog te doen:
  1. punt voor spaans achterhalen
  2. scriptie digitaliseren
  3. scriptie inleveren in de bibliotheek + bewijs van inleveren
  4. verzekering bellen ivm met 3 maanden weg
  5. broek maken
  6. Heidi moet haar ov inleveren
  7. uitschrijven Groningen
  8. apotheek + medicijnen paspoort


not even 2 more weeks :S
party's tomorrow, naturally forgot to say what time it is, and i don't think i sent the mail to Freek. Gosh i'm good. at being lazy. picked up boots by accident last friday, so another thing to cross off, but something else needs to go on
. luckily, the repairs were free of charge, so that was good. only went shopping for food today. went to town yesterday, annoyed myself, because i'm NOT allowed to buy anything. no handbag, and definitively no shoes. went back to beading again, just out of frustration. finished another necklace *really important* (well, this one was. just not the others).

still no news on the spannish class. adding to frustration, as i found out i could have the diploma by the end of the month if only i'd've had the grade in time. great. if only some things went easy for a change. this tune is getting boring now.

there is some good news too: grandad came by and left a donation to my monetairy fund on the doormat. thanks for that, much appreciated. another night's sleep payed for!

  1. get my grade for spanish
  2. digitalise research paper
  3. hand research paper over to library + receive receipt
  4. call insurance concerning 3 month leave
  5. reconstruct jeans
  6. unregister at Groningen
  7. Heidi has to hand in her ov
  8. chemists + medicine passport

Monday, August 15, 2005


nog te doen:
  1. punt voor spaans achterhalen
  2. scriptie digitaliseren
  3. scriptie inleveren in de bibliotheek + bewijs van inleveren
  4. verzekering bellen ivm met 3 maanden weg
  5. laarzen ophalen
  6. broek maken
  7. Heidi moet haar ov inleveren
  8. uitschrijven Groningen
01/09/2005 Amsterdam 09:45 UA 9195
01/09/2005 Frankfurt 13:05 UA 8839
08/09/2005 Washington, DC 12:40 UA 7781
10/09/2005 Depew, NY 23:55 Lake Shore Limited
11/09/2005 Chicago 13:50 California Zephyr
13/09/2005 Lincoln, NE 00:29 California Zephyr
14/09/2005 Denver 08:05 California Zephyr
18/09/2005 Oakland 08:30 SW 1262
27/11/2005 Dallas/Fort Worth 16:05 UA 8865
28/11/2005 Frankfurt 12:35 UA 9163

things to do:
  1. get my grade for spanish
  2. digitalise research paper
  3. hand research paper over to library + receive receipt
  4. call insurance concerning 3 month leave
  5. collect my boots
  6. reconstruct jeans
  7. unregister at Groningen
  8. Heidi has to hand in her ov

Friday, August 12, 2005

bleh - bleh

bleh en nog eens bleh.....

vandaag naar Utrecht geweest, paswoord ophalen en formulier om afstuderen aan te vragen. fijn even naar mijn resultaten gekeken. heb dus nog steeds geen punt voor spaans ontvangen. da's kut, want nu kan ik dus nog steeds niet afstuderen. moet ik daar eerst weer achteraan. joepie :(

nog te doen:
  1. punt voor spaans achterhalen
  2. scriptie digitaliseren
  3. scriptie inleveren in de bibliotheek + bewijs van inleveren
  4. verzekering bellen ivm met 3 maanden weg
  5. laarzen ophalen
  6. broek maken
  7. uitnodiging versturen
  8. Heidi moet haar ov inleveren
  9. uitschrijven Groningen
  10. route uitstippelen voor de thuisblijvers
nou ja, ik heb het nog druk dus.

bleh and another bleh.....

went to Utrecht today to recover passwords and to get the form i need to fill in to apply for graduation. looked at my results and it turs out i still have no result for spanish, without which i cannot even think of graduating. teach wasn't in so now i have to haunt her down to give me a passing grade. great.

things to do:
  1. get my grade for spanish
  2. digitalise research paper
  3. hand research paper over to library + receive receipt
  4. call insurance concerning 3 month leave
  5. collect my boots
  6. reconstruct jeans
  7. send out invites
  8. unregister at Groningen
  9. Heidi has to hand in her ov
  10. construct travel itinerary for you guys
as you can see, i'm a little busy.....

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

bijna! - almost there!

nog 3 weekjes en 1 nachtje te gaan en dan gaat het allemaal beginnen! Judith goes USA (uit te spreken als Goes, jeweetwel, die stad in Zeeland)

na jaren van dromen en plannen maken, gaat het dan toch echt gebeuren. Ik ga op pad! en wel voor drie hele maanden...... dat betekend drie maanden geen werk, drie maanden geen eigen bedje, drie maanden geen last minute bioscoop plannetjes, geen
'oh shit, ik had nog moeten bellen' (hoewel.....), geen theater en geen Redzone/FCKN WCKD....... meh....

daar tegenover staat dan wel NY, NY so great they named it twice, Greyhound bussen,
Amtrak treinen, zo'n paar vliegtuigjes voor de lol, en duizenden kilometers USA die aan me voorbij gaan vliegen. een beetje oost en een beetje west, daarbij nog een dotje noord en een scheutje zuid, ik ga het allemaal eens met m'n eigen ogen bekijken.

tot op heden zijn geregeld:
  • vlucht Amsterdam - New York, NY
  • vlucht Dallas, TX - Amsterdam
  • 6 nachtjes hostel in NY
  • 2 nachtjes hostel in Washington DC
  • vlucht Washington, DC - Buffalo, NY
  • vlucht Oakland, CA - San Diego, CA
ik ben nog lang niet klaar om te vertrekken, maar dat ik ga is nu wel zeker!

just 3 more weeks and 1 more night to go before i embark on my little big adventure! Judith goes USA

after years of dreams and planning it is finally happening. I'm on the road (or in the air, on the railtrack, whatever it is i'm doing) for three whole months!!! that means three months without working, without my own bed, without last minute cinema plans, Redzone/FCKN WCKD, no 'oh shit, i should've called' (although....) and no theater or tea parties........ meh....

instead, there's NY, NY Greyhound busses and Amtrak trains and just for fun, a few airplanes as well, and, thousands of kilometers of USA passing me by. a little bit of the east, a little of the west, a pinch of north and a ts of south, i'll be there to see it with my own two eyes.

current itinerary:

  • 01-09-2005 Amsterdam - New York, courtesy of United Airlines

  • 06-09-2005 New York - Washington, courtesy of Greyhound

  • 08-09-2005 Washington - Buffalo, courtesy of United Airlines

so far so good, it appears i'm really going!