Saturday, December 24, 2011

Super Saturday: the silence before the storm

Hi there folks,

Writing to you from the Unites States of American Bedroom, while the Photographer is doing some last minute shopping with his brother. Having spent most of yesterday in between in the two in the front of a far to narrow truck to hold 3 people in the front, I'm just fine with not tagging along. I'm to understand this is a good thing, as this last minute shopping might be to my benefit.

Just as well, because I'm not done wrapping yet!!!

I'm covered in fibre-fill, bits of yarn, wrapping paper and tissue, but I can make it!!!

(I've also only had half a cup of weak coffee.)

Just. Need. To. Bag. A. Few. More. Things.

And block another gift, fill a few more gifts and, and, and... then I'm going to sit down and have me some Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you all, thank you for reading! Stay safe, be good to the people around you and may the goddess of Yarny Goodness be with you, always.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Something or Other Wednesday: Where am I again?

Oh dear, oh, dear.
Didn't mean to not be here, but you know, life happens. I'm slowly adjusting my routine to not go and feed a cat that's not longer there. I'm also no longer tripping over a litter box that's not there either. Life goes on, but it sure is quiet.

Tomten 2 was finished and delivered to lovely Yke and his parents, he can surely use it in this foul weather.

Please excuse the horrible pictures, I forgot to take any while there was natural light during the weekend, and I don't see daylight on working days. This time I used some ladybug buttons to brighten up the green cardigan. 

With some bright flash-age, the picture doesn't really improve, but you get what it looks like, right? I created a faux-button band by purling the first and last 4 stitches of every row. Next baby may or may not get a tomten.....

Last Sunday we sang, or rather, had a sound battle with a musician-of-sorts who managed to muddle up just about every carol we sang. Still, we didn't do bad, and people seemed to like it. We get another chance this Saturday, when we get to sing inside two small churches. No electrified accordeonists there, ha!

For this picture, I gathered a few of the young gentlemen in my choir to be in the picture with me. Seriously, if you're near Breda, tenor/baritone AND below the age of 50, you're most welcome...

Have to run now, I'm not nearly done with Christmas!*

*Please send help. 

Monday, December 05, 2011

This is the End

Beautiful Friend

This morning at 7.25 am our Flip had his third and final stroke. 

At the tender age of 21-ish, it was enough. 

I'll miss you.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Fibre Friday: things are getting a little hectic around here

Ah yes, December.

Every year I'm ready to not do it. Again and again. And again. And then it's December and it sounds like a great idea to try out that one pattern, for that one person. Only it's never just that one person. Luckily, this year it's only 2 persons. People variety persons. No biggie, just oodles of stitches, and no measurements received yet. I'll just have to guess. 

Today I tried to organise recipients, as A Large Family Gathering is not when we expected it. Recipients organised, gift sets planned out and some frenzied shopping this morning means that I'm actually feeling a little prepared. I just planned a little bit more knitting in. Whoops. 

As a result, I hope to have the time to make the second Jane Austen Mitten the travel project, but come to think of it, a long circular cable might be tricky to get onto a flight. Anyway, I've only to graft and finish the thumb on this first one. 'T fits. 

There really isn't time for spinning. Not when December Is Upon Us!!!!! (really, I'm okay. I can do this). Slow progress, but I'm still working on it, since it calms the soul. And lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. 

In good news, I finally managed to take a few snaps of Goodale, the cardigan I knit this summer. I spun the yarn this spring. 

So far it's only making bits of fluff, so I have to put more twist in the next yarn I spin for a cardigan. I do learn something sometime...

I have to leave it at this, more knitting to be done!*

* the busy is in my head. In times like these I'm somewhat thankful I don't also have to juggle a family and run a house as well. Massive respect to those who do.