Monday, October 17, 2005

the saga continues......

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on our way we stopped for a tinkle and a stretch. not very restfull though, with that sign warning you .......

We all know Roswell, don't we?

it's where the aliens have landed. or, where there was a UFO crash followed by lots of fake looking alien disection pictures. all of that made us believe we really wanted to go there, what with all the alien things we hoped to find. Well, Walmart had a UFO sign stuck to it's shop front, and some of the streetlights were made into alien heads. the scariest part was when for some reasonb the road we were on had mysteriously disappeared, and the one we were now following took us to a deserted air field, curiously lacking a round landing strip for UFO's. it was scarily quiet, so we truned around and found some tiny little sign telling us where to turn back on the road we were looking for. Hurray for GPS!!!

oh well, we survived without being experimented on, so on we drove. to where i do not remember, i need the map which is not where the Arizona map is.... so i'll continue this later....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

so it's been a while

but nothing much has happened in between. well, i say nothing much, plenty, of course just not that much worth mentioning. but i guess you are all eagerly awaiting news from this side of the globe, and i'm happy to accommodate you with the latest from smalltown, USA.

the last post (no not the commemorative musical piece) was about the petrified forrest, wasn't it? so this one will include the much more impressive Carlsbad Caverns.

After we left the forrest, we drove to Santa Fe. we go there when it was already dark, and again we just kept going up. and up and up. and then up some more. apparently the south is built on about 7000ft (a little over 2km) of what i suppose to be rock or solid ground. that doesn't really matter, but my ears kept popping. after 5 days that kind of gets to you, in a bad way. Anyway, i had my first all american Walmart experience in Santa Fe. and right after that, i had my very first Sonic Banana Milkshake. woah! it has real banananana in it, and not just a hint of banananana flavour! it's awesome!the next day i got that little spot of good news concerning my graduation. called mom and dad, who were celebrating with chinese. so i bought myself 2 cheapass bracelets (but i like em, christal and jade) at Jackalope, one of the bazaar like shopping things. it's fun as long as you know how to keep you money hidden.

after that we hit downtown, which is as much unlike any other US downtown you will ever find. It's all adobe buildings, and nothing really goes over 3 stories high. that goes for the rest of Santa Fe as far as i could see it. it was incredibly warm, and we visited toe Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, which, of course, was tiny but it had a nice collection of flowers on display. after that, my first 'mexican' food. it was hot, but not nearly as hot as Heidi's cooking. and it had a lot of beans in it. yuck. they seem to be big on that here. beans. refried too, which means they fry them somewhere, mash em up at that same place, put it in a can, which at home you open up, put in a pan and warm up again. ew. anyway, Santa Fe. i cannot stop making that rhyme, sorry, i'll try not to do that any more. after the food we looked around, i found a very lovely blue stoned necklace, the indian blue thing of which i can not right now remember the name of, but the quite simple necklace was on sale for only $60 now. so we let that pass. it wasn't $60 nice. we found the way back to the car by changing the batteries from the camera into the GPS, which turned out to be useful. we drove on from SF to some kind of road side stopping place cum watering hole, of which i hardly remember anything, because i did my favourite thing while being in a car. i slept. after the stop, where we had the usual energy drink (can you imagine anything worse than Redbull? i can!). after that i drove a long long way, all the way through fields and fields of nothing. until we got to Roswell.

But, alas, that will have to wait until another post, since it's mass time in just a few minutes. for those of you that do not play, it means i'm doing useless typing in of numbers and letters for the next 90 min at least


Monday, October 03, 2005

jaja, kweetut

maar ik moet de grot fotos nog steeds van mijn camera halen........