Monday, April 10, 2006

I wonder....

can you buy Mr. Lazy's at Mr Store?
and would they be bought with Texan Dollars?

so here goes, Sjoerd and Heidi, Nell and Kanchan, an two odd people.... but look at how great the Grand Canyon looks behind them!!!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

on this day.... only

6 hours ago, i learned how to be a content manager on a CMS. if you don't know what it is, consult Google, as i'm not about to write it down right here...... oh heck, i've even done your hard work. look here:

i've managed to start things and move them into the correct place, but now i only have a day left to actually write what's supposed to be in there. hur-bloody-ray.

anyways, so far i've managed to survive two days, which leads me to believe i might actually make it to the end of the week. i'm not quite sure what i'm supposed to do after this is done, which, judging by the speed of things, should be done in maybe 3 weeks from now. i guess i could start making my own. see if i can fail at doing the graphic part myself even. but i doubt he'll be paying me to do so ;)

it is rather tiresome, having to sit and stare and write all day when you're used to at least 1 week deadlines instead of "have this done by tomorrow." so yes, let's see if we can make it to the end of the week. the good thing is, i'm not working nearly as many evenings, though i am working tomorrow evening (see me screaming with joy?) and i finally get to wear my nice clothes for once. some of these i've worn twice or thrice in the past 3 years, and i guess mom didn't buy me that suit for nothing now. i might put it on tomorrow. can't wait for casual friday......

in personal news, we have visual imagery of both new alliances. not too bad from the curly girl, and pretty good ones from mr Bollywood. i'd publish but i guess we're waiting for confirmation from future mrs Bollywood (just kidding sweety, but you two at least look good together, so you've jumped that hurdle just fine) to see if i actually can put those nice pics in here. in other news, the Rome expidition has been thwarted by a wedding. last i heard, moving a flight back 1.5 days is proving more difficult that originally thought. which rather sucks for us all. more news will follow as it reaches me, for now, i need a brb.

will be back at some point, unavailable until further notice

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Congratulation miss..... it's a........


yes, you read right, i'm starting a new and very real job tomorrow. real as in a 40 hr worthwhile job i could actually learn something usefull at and possibly even find out what i'm good at.

i didn't put in much effort towards getting it landed, it was somewhat thrown in my lap, and who am i to turn down a given job? it's all exciting, editing, picking up the telephone and reading everyone's email..... oh, and in my spare time make a new webpage for the company..... yes, sounds like an ordeal, i know. however, i ranks *slightly* above what i'm doing now so it's all good. i may even get to use my brain for thsi one ;)
i guess i'll have to tell you more about it when i've actually worked there, so more to come... tomorrow night!

on the personal front, nothing much has changed..... appart from Nell getting the ├╝berjob, and finding a subject to her never ending affection. Heidi did somewhat the same, just replace the job part by one that pays the bills. she's also the only one who gets to slouch on the couch with the boyfriend. so really, she's not allowed to complain too much.

For fun, we're going to the sauna next saturday, the week after Nell's wandering off to see the boyfriend, and so will Heidi. Meh... will just have to take the other losers to the cinema or somethign. Ron's off to his potential in New York this thursday by the way. Joost was spotted with a curly girl, so that just leaves loser mT to hang out with ;)

anyways, at the end of the month the family is off to Barcelona for a few days, and they're even taking me. then, by the end of May, H, N and i are off to Rome for a long long weekend. after that, Erik the Viking is possibly coming over from the dark side to see some of Europe. too bad i don't get to plan any holidays this year.......