Thursday, August 25, 2011

Roughing it

It was going to rain today, but this is what the morning looked like. Sure, we had a few sprinkles, and got wet to the bone while searching a cache, but otherwise, sunshine and midges!

Friday, August 05, 2011

French Fridays: not going home.

yet, anyway.

Everything is in place to get moving. Immunoglobine treatment is finished, dad is basically released from the hospital to travel home, but the insurance hasn't actually secured a way to get home. Be it flight or by ambulance, nothing happened today.

Hopefully tomorrow they get to go home and start looking forward to a full recovery. The more I read about the disease (Guillain Barré), the more I realise my dad was very lucky indeed. Having spent hours and hours on the phone with the insurance and ANWB (tripleA), the more I realise having insurance is a great thing.

I'll have to stop now as the mozzies are mightily attracted to the laptop screen, so I leave you for now...

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

French Tuesdays

I realise that it's Wednesday now but I started this yesterday, so there you go.

Last Saturday the camera man and I spent a late afternoon and early evening getting paint off a rail and wood on a ceiling at Heidi and Sjoerd's place. We got home about 9ish and my phone was empty so I made it charge while we took a hot shower to warm up. If I didn't know the date, you would never convince me that it is summer.

27 hours later we found ourselves in the south of France, in the dark outside the gates of an unknown campsite.

To spare you the details and me the annoyance of typing this on a phone I'll give you the short story.

My father is diagnosed with a disease called  Guillaum Barre (sp?). They got to him quickly with the correct diagnosis as only 1 in 100.000 get it. This means that the possible complete paralysis was avoided and he is slowly getting the feeling back in his legs

He'll get off his drip on Friday if all goes well and they will move him home that day if they possibly can.

Eventually, the world will stop spinning so fast.