Monday, April 27, 2009

Picard and Gandalf wait for Godot. [Screnzy #2]


Scene 1

A man in a tight-fitting black suit sits at a table with his side to the audience, reading a newspaper. the front of his suit is a dark burgundy. Every now and again CAPTAIN PICARD turns a page, but he gives the audience to ackowledgement of their existence. The stage is a room, sparsely decorated and rather drab. Bare light bulbs illuminate the man at the table.

A door at the back of the stage opens and another man enters dressed in long grey robbes, a pointy hat and a long beard. GANDALF turns to the wall and takes his hat off and hangs it on a hook next to the door.

Captain Picard looks up from his paper.

Captain picard


GANDALF turns around and nods at CAPTAIN PICARD. He puts up his cape and joins PICARD at the table. He sits down.



PICARD turns to another page of his paper. GANDALF contemplates his finger nails for a while, using a small pocket knife to rid himself of the dirt he discovers underneath his finger nails. PICARD turns to another page.


No chance of a coffee then?

PICARD lowers his paper and looks over the rim at GANDALF. He is wearing heavy-rimmed reading glasses on the tip of his nose. He looks over the top of them and raises his eyebrows.



GANDALF moves in his seat.



PICARD lifts his paper back into its original position.



That question is as ridiculous as that outfit

GANDALF smoothes the fabric of his robe. PICARD continues reading. GANDALF holds his sleeve up to his face and squints before picking a piece of fluf off the fabric. He carefully rolls it into a tiny little ball and puts it on the table in front of him.


So no coffee then.

PICARD makes a show of folding up the newspaper. He sets it down on the table making the ball of fluff fall off

GANDALF wheezes as he bends double to pick the ball of fluff back up. He sets it back on the table where it was sitting before and straightens his back.

PICARD looks at him over his glasses. He then takes them off and sets them down carefully and deliberately next to the newspaper. He smoothes the paper down neatly.


No, there's not a bean of sorts in this hell hole to be found.

GANDALF sits up.


Not one?


Not one.


You're serious?



GANDALF slumps back in his chair.


You were late.

GANDALF looks at his hands again.


Burst water mains.








So it seems.


Do you attract these things?


What do you mean?



(strechting it long)

PICARD crosses his legs.


Are you insinuating something?


I wouldn't dare.


Oh. Good.


Not that you scare me or something, though...



What is it this time?


Oh nothing. It's just that these days people look a little odd at old men in wide robes.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Templesmith Chronicles

EXT. A field - night

A starry night. A field underneath a canopy of stars. In the distance a disturbance in the flowing grasses.

ZOOM IN: disturbance

A man in a dark suit, smart but a little shaggy around the shoulders is bent over a young woman in a flowing dress laying in the grass. He is making certain advances, trying to hike the dress up from around her ankles.

A mindblowing roar

The man looks up and we see his face. He doesn't look well. Sallow skin and sunken eyes. Something seems to hang out of one of them. He looks up.

Cracks appear in the dark sky. Some of the bright stars seem to quiver. A tear appears, revealing a bright white light, which gets brighter as the crack opens wider. Some stars get pulled in, then more and more until the ground upon which the couple sit starts to move.


The earth is getting sucked into the crack. The woman is grabbing hold of some tufts of tall grass. She still screams until her skins gets sucked off her bones as the field disappears into the bright hole. The man remains calm. He stands up and straightens his tie as the bones of the feet of the woman rattle into the crack.

Oh crap.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank Gods. It's Friday.

Well, after a week of not really paying attention to "stuff," I suppose I should come back to you with a report of the last 4 or 5 days. Well, to start of with last weeks' rant, #amazonfail seems to have lost its momentum, with spokespeople blaming the entire thing on a French programmer getting his translations wrong and doing silly stuff with 'adult' and 'erotic.' Or something. Doesn't quite seem to explain everything, from time-line to the disappearance of items by/on disabilities. The big hooha seems to have gotten a bit more quite now, and until I hear more about it, I don't quite see I should write about it. As I've obviously got nothing to say about it.

In this week, Don's friend passed away, but I'm horrible with names, so exactly who this would be, I cannot say. DH managed to tell me this the evening before the funeral, so thanks, hun, just in time. I'm sure he'll be missed.

In much better news, this week, the job started. On Tuesday, I went in at 8.30, drank a lot of coffee, tea, and looked at a fairly empty computer screen. IT had done their best but only came up with computer access and email accounts, which doesn't do much good. Over the course of the week, they managed to give us most of what we need, but in the grander scheme of things, someone botched up the application email box, so we don't actually have *any* applications for benefits yet. At all. South East district has 1200, so for now we're a bit behind. Which could be good, for the people involved, but this does nothing for my job security.
18 of us started, most are nice and interesting people, but every group has it's odd one out, and I think we've found the odd one. Not sitting at my group of desks, so not all that much of an issue. Anyways, things got overlooked and fixed, like who's who, and 'planned', like 'who are you?'. And pens and paperclips. Essential for an office environment, we want to have something to play with between coffee breaks.
Out of 4 days, we actually only worked the full 8 hours today, mainly by getting an inventory shopping list. Money's being made, so it's all good.

In the light of the above, nothing much done on any other list item. Will try and do some work on shirt or skirt, or both. Will see. Shopping for pantyhose and undershirts tomorrow as well. Blarmy, busy weekend!

What are you doing this weekend?

Monday, April 13, 2009

#amazonfail weekend.

Forget about Easter. This weekend is all about how Amazon lost out to the world of hypocritical know-it-all-betters. If you haven't heard about it yet, Amazon has removed every item referring to gay, lesbian and other non-conformist life-choicers from their rankings, thus making it almost impossible to find anything relating to the GLBT subjects. This includes listing a kid's picture book about a girl with 2 mothers as 'adult content.'

Others have said it better, and you can check them out following these links:

Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman again [the man is truly upset]
Dear Author

In short, there are several explanations given by Amazon, including "This is a glitch" (which started in February, and exploded this month) and "Due to customer complaint" (in which light, watch Jackson in this vid ) and probably several others.

Amazon Rank is a Google bomb, or so the Smart Bitches tell me.

I think I can safely put it to you that this is the most blogged about subject on the web this weekend. Keep in mind, this is also the weekend that an adult man saw a court deny his 8 yr old wife the right to annul her marriage to him, and a father hired two hitmen to shoot his 21 year old medical student daughter through the head twice because she dared to don a mini-skirt.

In a way, I understand I should be happy that my almost-11 yr old step-daughter is now protected prom finding anything unsuitable if she inadvertently typed something "wrong" into the amazon search bar. Around this time of year, she might be tempted to type in "play bunny" (what with is being Easter and all that chocolaty goodness) which results in Playboy Bunny shoes and matching Bunny outfit, complete with the ears on results page 1. I'm in no way saying that EVERYTHING with a remote sexual content should be hidden, far from it. But if she can find those items that easily, I want her to find the book which explains a little about the kid in class with two mothers (or fathers) just as easily.

In this world some people have thought up this idea that we should protect kids from anything that could possibly hurt them. My step-daughter is an excellent example of this way of thinking. Of course, she's growing up in the cradle of this new line of protectionism, so she can't be blamed for it, and neither can her parents, really, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort not to push her too hard to take a risk sometimes. She has to grow up in a world where Amazon decides which kind of human relationships are good for her, where the braindead members of the Texas School Board make sure the breasts are blacked out in HS instructions on cancer self-examinations. As free-thinking parents, a tough job lies ahead to deliver this clueless and angst ridden (courtesy of the PTA-infested world) child into the real world.

Things like this really piss me off. Closed-minded people have every right to be the way they are as long as they don't force their opinion on me and everyone else who doesn't think like them. This latest stunt is just one in a long line of others, but at least this one is getting a lot of publicity because it hits the people in the publicity business the hardest. I sincerely hope they recover their brain capacity soon and offer up the biggest apology on the history of online bookstores, so we can put all of this nonsense behind us.

In personal news, I get to go to work for the first time in almost 2 years after playing a lot of part-time-stay-at-home-stepmom and part-time-child-care-assistant. I also fixed my brother's car with no help other than my father's hands (he insisted, DH advised that 4 hands should be used) and some tools we found laying around the house. I worked on a new project, neglected Scriptfrenzy, and did a little work towards the Jeans Skirt.
The highlight of the weekend was definitely the High Tea which was had with my bestest friends in the world, in honour of my last birthday, the 30th in a series of annual events. We had loads of fun, food and chatter (and don't forget the tea), and I can't hardly wait to see them again. In such a stupid world it's very good to surround oneself with those with their heads on straight. Also, we came to the conclusion it is a good thing that I have a job now. It was also established that in 5 years, we should have given birth to possibly up to 4 kids between us, at least one of us will have grey hair, and I will still be the only one able to make her own clothes. Of course, there will still only be one doctor as well. Luxemburg has been voted the location of the next weekend. Camping this time! looking forward to that too.

In conclusion, the big bad world outside is stupid, and all of you are great. But now I must do something about my hands. They look awful.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More shorts

I, you know, me, perpetually unemployed and periodically whiny about it, am employed. By UWV, to help the unemployed (not me!) get their (partial) unemployment benefits. There's a turn of events! Keep it going, universe.

Other than that, nothing much to say, really, you'll just have to make do with this...

Quick one...

Would you look at that? Isn't that cute and reassuringly springtime-y? The one standing up has been named after me, so I've adopted her to be my god-lamb. She belong to an aunt umpty times removed (actually my mom's cousin) who has a whole bunch of them. So cute, I figured I couldn't not let you drool at the picture.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

There's a hole in my hand...

... when it comes to buying cheap fabric. I think I'm going a little OTT at the moment. But, it's still much cheaper than buying my own clothes, so I'm actually saving money, right?

That ^^ is the current collection of un-used fabric bought recently (besides the blue/white flower knit which I'm sure I posted somewhere) and some more black. Of course, this does not include unfinished shirt and skirt. Or any of the yarn I dug up from somewhere.

I've started in my BCB #1 and after struggling through the 'Definitive Author's Introduction' and 18 pages into the actual story, I think I'll come to the conclusion that the man has a really nice editor who never got a chance to do anything about the intro, but did a damn good job on the story itself. So far so good then, reading this 'SciFi'. It's not too bad.

In good news, the flowers on my flowerdy cactus are flowering!

Oh, and in other good news, the Monday-interview was a bit of a downer. Nice people, nice talk but both of us were a little uncertain of the 'Why' of my being there. I blame them. They asked me to come. Not time wasted as I picked up a few hints. Thankfully, they didn't pick me, so I didn't have to think about accepting or not. I realize this doesn't really sound like good news, but Randstad called back a few hours later, almost offering me a job with UWV. They get to send 6 people, no interview, full time until at least the end of the year, starting next Tuesday. Tomorrow they decide who to send, but according to her, I stand a decently good chance to be picked as part of the 'Randstad 6'. Just so we sound a bit dangerous and cool. And not like the unemployed losers that we are ;) I'm quite excited about that, so I'll take that to be a good omen. Which also happens to be a great book, if you add an 's' to the end.

Anyway, best be back to not writing for Scriptfrenzy. Still at 3 pages, like I was at the end of day 1. Seriously, what's wring with me? Could've been done by now.

Also, no news on the Frankfurt Nintendo job, so guessing nothing's come of that. Oh well, you lose some, you lose some.

It didn't really rain today, my flowers are out (cute!) and I managed to score some more fabric. All in all a good day so far.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

It's Springtime, for..... at least!

The sun's out, the temp's up, and all is well in the world. Well, not really, but according to what I saw, even (most of) the G20 protesters enjoyed the weather. Sun is good. It really, really is, but you probably agree with that, so I'm not expecting any argument back. So while it's glorious outside, I got to bring some of it back in.

Pic including both BCB, so I can finally start with that. Am still on target for Scriptfrenzy, which is a new thing, since I'm usually behind from day one. As long as I write a little over 3 pages today, I'll be on top form. Weird....
Here's an exerpt (sorry, my first ever Dutch writing project)

INT. Herman's Keuken. Evening

HERMAN staat de vaatwasser in te laden. Deze is pas halfvol. Herman's keuken in een hypermoderne keuken met veel roestvrij staal en dure apparaten. Op de achtergrond het geluid van een tv. Herman sluit de vaatwasser zonder hem aan te zetten en begint een espressoapparaat te vullen. Als deze herrie begint te maken gaat de telefoon.



Scene 1. Curious? Me too. You never know what it ends up like from there.

Status of other projects also in pictures today. Here's what's going on with the BMB/Ti bag.

The body of the bag (horrid!) is finished and waiting for liner/fiberfill/vlieseline, so I'm working on some decorative flowers to go on the outside.

Other Projects not moving along very fast, sitting on the back-burner a bit since Scriptfrenzy and the BMBag are taking up some time. This is what they look like now.

Not very impressive, and not being worn tomorrow, obviously. Might do a pin or something to put on a black shirt I've had forever and a day. It'll be replaced, but not right now. Kinda busy, you see?

Anyway, in other news, we're very, very very carefully tip-toeing about possibly being a little bit positive about a meeting DH had yesterday. This means we're still expecting nothing, but two braincells are allowed to think positive. Will inebriate them soon, just in case.

I myself am invited to come to an interview for a job I don't think I should be doing. BA, office setting, SAP experience, Excell proficient is all required, and then they want to speak to me?!? Makes you wonder what's wrong with them, but I guess I'll find out on Monday. Still have 2 others I want to put in for, but didn't have time to do so today. Will send out email to one next, the other must be called soon, but is open until May 6. Some time left on that one. Weird, all this.

Must also call Nell, to see about dinner tomorrow evening, which will be at her house (!) which I haven't seen finished, with Flip, Heidi and the twins. Well, the twins might come late, and I'm not sure if Sjoerd will be there, or will come later. Because.... WE'RE GOING OUT!

That's mildly exciting, as I never seem to do so these days (months, years). It'll include dancing and drinking, and I'll slap some make-up on and earrings, and nail polish and cute jeans and not my new black shirt, as it's still in pieces as you can tell. Guess I'll have to make a decision about shoes though. Comfy, pointy or high? Oh dear. Also, I got to drop a therapy session this week, but I'll have 3 next week. Have I mentioned yet that he thinks there's progress? I can't currently lift up my arm very well with the soreness from training muscles I didn't know I had. The things you find out while in a gym full of old people. Never seems to be anyone my age.

I did realize something very serious about the current situation. I had to bring a lot of winter stuff back with me because it was still winter here. Therefore, I couldn't bring any summer stuff, which is still over there. As I'll probably be here for a while, what am I going to do without my skirts? My shirts? My cute little sandals? What, I ask you! (Oddly enough, my bikini *is* here. I guess I can go to the beach, in bikini, jeans, sweater and boots. Hm.)

Brother has safely arrived in Tokyo, and has slept until 14.00. Guess he's well rested now. Arigato, or whatever!