Sunday, November 29, 2009

Confession time...

...yes, it is that time.

To my regret I have to admit to giving up. This is not something I do often or without much thought. I strongly believe that if you commit to something and put in time and effort, you are obliged to follow it through until the end. Not so this time.

I lost Nanowrimo.

There, I've said it. My usual strategy of using the fast approaching deadline for gaining some creative energy has backfired on me in a bad way. In earlier editions of the Nanowrimo challenge I did not have a full time job to compete for my time with, or the brilliant idea of knitting a gazillion presents for the in-laws and various other family members (spurred by a lack of funding for big gestured gifts).

In earlier editions, I would trust on the last week of November to write write write, but this time I've just been tired, tired and more tired. Be aware that I don't feel sorry for myself, because I could just have done the daily word count one hour every day and be fine and finished by now, but that's just not how I roll. Apparently, I have limitations too. I have made a note of this, and will probably completely forget this by next year, so feel free to remind me.

The good thing about giving up (I even consulted my far-away-brother, who said "errr, I dunno") is that there was now an unexpected 'free' weekend to help me stay on track with everything else.
I managed to knit almost 1 sleeve of the DH jumper, and some on the D-i-l-GF Laminaria, and we almost have Mom's costume for Amusing done so we can do mine all of next week(end). Luckily, Dad just fits my long black coat so he's mostly taken care of now.

There are just a few things planned for next week, including costume making, knitting like a mad-woman, choir practice, the dreaded hospital visit and to top it all off, hopefully a dinner @Eindhoven (followed by an early morning appointment at the hair dresser's, ugh). Oh, and work of course.

In other news, dear darling Heidi has a job!!!

(the same job she's been doing for 3 years, but it just became indefinite, instead of 1 yr contracts!!!)

We are very proud of her; the boss-man had very little choice but to hire her on permanently. She's awesome!

If you are a boss-man and reading this: I know a lot of awesome people, all ready to be hired on permanently. Please contact me for details, TYVM.

I will be back with you soon, hopefully with some pictures of all I've been doing (apart from work, we don't take a lot of pictures there) in various stages of readyness.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Why knitting matters... knitters at least.

I ran across this blog a while ago because I really like this Mary's patterns. And she puts a very entertaining blog together too!

I copied the following from her blog. Things to love about knitting.

1. Small Carbon Footprint
2. Low-Calorie
3. Social, or Anti-; depending on your state of mind and physical locale
4. Never wonder self-consciously what to do with your hands
5. Yarn will never stand you up for a meeting it scheduled with you
6. Noise it makes seldom annoys others (self-satisfied clucking or moans of ecstasy excepted)
7. Never run out of common interests with your cat
8. Always available for snuggling
9. Awkward explanation for where you were last Sunday afternoon not required
10. Knitting never gets upset if you fall asleep (either before OR after)

Knitting and writing, I love you both, but I must write write write!!! 'Tis November after all, One Must Simply Write!