Tuesday, September 04, 2012


I know, I know,

it's been a while. I know. But I'm here (briefly, before my next short trip) so make the best of it, right?
You know what it's like, having the Photographer over for almost 3 months, his visit coinciding with a big stage production asking for a lot of your time, and then there's the music lessons, multiple national holidays with their festive events, and let's not forget the almost full time job. Writing a blog post worth writing seemed  to end up on the bottom of the to-do list.

Besides, I wasn't knitting anything I could share yet. Some of it I will share soon enough, as the happy recipients of the massive knit project have already happily received their gift. I just need to edit the pictures (and there are a few) so I can share something I'm really proud of.

None of the above has anything to do with the title of this post, but that probably a result of me not knowing where to start on that one, so I'll just go ahead with it anyway.

So we discovered a stowaway.


Fortunately we found this stowaway fairly quickly after it boarded, so we didn't miss a thing... (even if the Photographer chose denial as a strategy for a while, bless him).

See if you can find it

Right, now I know you can't see it, but you know what I'm trying to tell you, don't you?*

Somewhere in there is out little stowaway, bouncing around all ready to come out in 20 weeks! Yes, we're expecting!!!

We're all in good health, although the Photographer tells me he sleeps extraordinary amounts of sleep. I wish I did too, but that's the way it is I guess ;)
Little Stowaway is doing just fine, growing, bumping around, dancing little jigs on my bladder... I know, we had a check up today, and that's what it looked like!**

I hope you'll share in our happiness, as it's the best thing that happened in at least 6 years!

With that, I have to leave you for now but I promise not to leave it this long again... Hope to see you back too!

*no, I'm not trying to tell you I'm getting fat(ter)***
**and felt like, now if you'll excuse me... 
***I suppose I am, but it's not fat
****thank you, economic crisis, thank you US Immigration for making us feel special and unique