Sunday, July 25, 2010

Clearing out the attic

As the summer temperatures lowered to something more acceptable, and frankly, something more familiar, I took the opportunity to clear out some attic space.
Some of you might be aware that I actually 'live' in that attic, but it's also the place where years of Stuff has been put into every little spot available.

It is generally known that when I finally move my things out of the attic, the house will rise by a good 5cm (that's 2"). Today, we've moved a few boxes of Stuff that belonged to another life that got left behind about 7 years ago.

That's a good rule to go by: if it's been boxed for 7 years, you probably don't need it. Of course the 7 years happened because of Circumstances, but nevertheless.

The car is now filled with a few boxes of things I won't need or want in the next life, which should happen sometime in the next 10 years. We're taking this marriage thing slow, you know ;). Just a single box of glassware and bowls got to stay, as they are things I would buy back if I threw them out now. They were specially chosen, or in the case of the Foofer mug, a reminder of times now long gone. 3 boxes got turned into just one, and someone else will be happy with the plates, mugs and beer glasses that are going to Kringloop (recycle centre for all your unwanted goods).

In and amongst the pots, glasses, bowls and cans, we found a box of picture albums we lost track of a while back. One of them was mine, where mom stuck all the pictures that were taken of me in 1989. The highlight must be this

This picture was taken just moments before a school bus stopped and the beach filled with Spanish school kids ready for a dip in the Atlantic.

Something else we found has great sentimental value, and will most likely never ever be used again. They'll never go though. My very first pocket money (probably a number of weeks worth) got spent on these beauties

My very last pair of roller skates...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Is it Summer already?

Well 'tis, and I'm not quite sure what happened to Spring.
I've discovered that the 40hr/week job drains much more out of me than just those hours. Even with the 10 min travel time to/from work, it takes me hours to recover from the self-inflicted monotony of doing the same thing a large number of times. This does mean that there is much less thinking involved (I only have to solve a problem once) but still my head seems to be nothing more than a large container for cotton balls while I vegetate in front of the TV until about 9pm.

You'll understand this leaves me far less time for doing the things I like, and then there are the small but important matters of "The Other Job" (which needs the brain to work) and "Getting Enough Sleep." In between Vegetating and The Other Job and the occasional illicit Crafting, Getting Enough Sleep doesn't happen often enough.

So, in order to deal with this, I got the DH to come over for 5 weeks (what was I thinking?) which was fun, but didn't help too much with the Sleep thing until I also took time off of work. DH has since left and work starts again tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to less Craft/Sleep time, but I guess the "Magically Appearing Money" in my bank account is a good thing.

For now, enjoy some of our pictures. I know I did.

Driving through London at 3am Wednesday morning. The only time to do it.

We ran into some hefty traffic near Plockton, or "Those make big dents"