Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5KCBWDAY2 Dating Profile

Hello you! I'm Tomten V, fifth in line of a strong family. Over the generations, we've become bolder and I'm considered the largest of my line. Even though I'm considered to be a classic, my colourful appearance and plethora of Snoopy buttons show off my playful character. Made of the softest baby merino, I will keep you warm and cosy but I won't make a fuss if you spill something on me. I'm a practical guy and that's what washing machines are made for.

 I love going for long or short walks on the beach, driving around on narrow mountain roads and playing outside. Just slip me on and we're ready to go!

I'm not a great fan of rubbing against myself or other items of clothing as that is likely to make me pill. Sharp pointy things will pull my stitches out of proportion and I'll need you to mend that. Best avoided, don't you think? I think my buttons are the cream on the cake when it comes to my looks, but boy is it stressful to button them all up when I'm keeping a Little One warm. Sometimes there are unexplained knots or breakages in my yarn. I do my best to hide them, they do so distract from my appearance. Cover me up in heavy rain or I'll never regain my shape and if you intend to bring me moths, you better think again.

The Future
I'm certain I'll be around and about next autumn. My current Little One is a slight of a thing, so I'm not worried about that. I hope to hand this Little One on to one of my descendants, and for me to keep another Little One warm some day. As long as I'm cared for properly I can last a long time so I'll be around if you're looking for me!

Monday, May 12, 2014

5KCBWDAY1 A Day In The Life

Oh, hello....

There's a little bit of an echo in here. Please ignore the dust bunnies, I have no idea what Judith's been up to in the last months. I assume she'll tell you she's been busy or tired, or both. 

By the way, she hasn't completely lost the plot (yet). It's the annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, organised by Eskimimi. Today's brilliant idea was this: Describe a day in the life of a project that you have made or are in the process of making. It's nice to get a word in, let me tell you (she doesn't shut up). 

I'm her newest cast on, a bit of a comfort thing, just like when she bought me from Helen because I was the best of the lot. I've got so many lovely colours you wouldn't believe it. Caked up I'm even more impressive than in the skein! 

She's getting on nicely though, for someone who's always busy thinking how busy she feels, if you get what I mean. She's even thought up a name for what I'm supposed to be so from now on you can call me All cowlkerchief. I know. I told her that's not a word, and it's quite embarrassing when I hang out with the unfinished cardigans and socks. They have a proper name and a given name, but I'm just the cowlkerchief. 

It's a good thing I'm this gorgeous or I'd get a complex from that name thing. Check out those ripples! Those daisy stitches! The colours (that are awfully bleak in these pictures, I do apologize)!

I'm supposed to be part of a selection of nice things for mums (or not mums) which can deal with tiny tots or other challenges and still look pretty. I'm one of those specials skeins you only have one of in your stash, too pretty to hide in shoes, but sturdy enough to survive daily life in a situation that doesn't appreciate the most luxurious of yarns. Maybe, one day, Judith'll get around to writing us down. You know, what she's been planning for years. Until that time I'll just sit here and look pretty.

It's nice to see something new here, however silly it may seem. Who knows where it leads... Thanks for stopping by!