Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Tour de Fleece

I'm not doing a lot other than spinning at the moment. I finished the Tomtom jacket and took it to Stijn's mom and dad for them to keep until he'll fit into it.*

I've done some knitting on the Cami which I still haven't really named. Other than that, I'm not sure of anything at all, as I don't quite sleep enough to keep my brain functioning acceptably.

1 week and 6 sleeps to go until the airport drive, and only 4 weeks and 5 sleeps before I get to take a holiday. I'm hanging on. I'm quite well trained at that ;)

*Tomtom turned out to be slightly larger than Stijn-sized.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Scottish Sundays: Carried Away

I do get over-enthusiastic sometimes, who would've guessed?
While I have trouble sticking to vague deadlines, I seem to be ok with working my socks off for non-important self-imposed mass-participation deadlines. In the past I've rather pitifully wrote 50.000 word novels of eternal crapdom* just because thousands and thousands of others were doing the same. Now that I've found other, more rewarding hobbies, like Spinning** someone has figured out that we can make en event of that too. They named it the Tour de Fleece, and it lasts as long as the Tour de France. The goal is to spin every day, and rest on the rest days. No amounts or distances, that's all to your own liking.

So I've spun too much already this weekend. I'm not allowed back on tonight, it's already past 11pm!


So to keep this short, we went to the local Estate "Wolfslaar" which was celebrating its 500 year anniversary. It's a pretty building, erected in the 1800's which has served many purposes amongst which housing a school for midwifery. At the moment it's a Michelin starred restaurant, set in a stunning setting


It has been lovingly restored so if you want to, you can even have your wedding here.
However lovely it is, it was built as a family home, but no one has lived here since the 50's.


In an unfortunate turn of events, we caught a cat lurking around our nest earlier this morning. When we got back, it seemed like our lovely blue-green eggs were carried away. The nest is empty, the blackbird has returned to the nest a few times but never stayed. There is no sign of the eggs or possible hatched babybirds at all to be found. This makes me sad.


In better news, a baby was born and the Photographer and I are discussing possible camping trips. 3 weeks 'till touchdown.

*yes, crapdom, they were never edited, so they can't in all reality be good as they are
**oh the Spinning...
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