Sunday, January 06, 2013

Has it really been this long?

Apparently so, my list of previous posts tells me. In that case, I should probably start by wishing those who may actually still see this a happy and prosperous 2013. May you be in good health and surrounded by that which makes you feel loved.


So what happened since the last post? As I'm writing this on my new phone (which is a recent thing, more on that later) I can't support every single thing with a picture so you'll have to take my word for it!

First of all, the lovely, most handsome baby of 2012 arrived. A brave lad named Sam started up my best friend's family and did so in a way no one will forget any time soon.

Almost immediately after, I went on a trip which was planned a long time ago, before the Stowaway announced themselves. The lovely Helen from Ripples Craft organised a knitting retreat on a remote island off the North West coast of Scotland, Tanera Mor. Even though I've not taken this pregnancy lightly, I wasn't going to allow a small bump to cramp my style!

As a result, I found myself in my little pop up tent for 2 nights while travelling to the island. The last of which *on* the coast, *in* gale force wind. Brave, silly me, I ended up sleeping in the car instead. Not to worry, I managed to get everything back in the car, met up with some of my fellow retreaters and we made our way to the island in good time!

We spent a lovely week there with tons of single and double rainbows, went on walks, indulged in good food and made new friends.

Having returned, life quickly turned back into the daily struggle to get out of bed, dressed and to work. Apparently I've been tired enough to have a mental block toward anything creative except for knitting. I've done loads of that, not all of which photographed yet...

Eventually, I found myself on maternity leave, Christmas came around, a trip to the airport to collect the photographer, and, finally, a new phone which does not disagree with me about its basic tasks (like not rebooting in the middle of a phone call or declaring a full battery as empty).

Now I find myself such a short time away from my due date, I'm getting a little sad about this particular chapter coming to an end. Having been very, very lucky with a healthy and mostly scare-free pregnancy, I'll miss little Bubs (renamed by the lovely Helen) rumbling around.

Strange, how one can go from hardly being able to wait to meet a new life, to not wanting to end the previous state...

Mind you, I won't miss needing several attempts or wishing for some heavy duty lifting apparatus just to get out of bed...

The walrus.