Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You'd think...

... she'd be wiser as she got older. No such thing in my book[s]. I'm doing it again, only slightly different this time.

Go look at to find out what I'm on about. In the mean time, don't disturb me unless you have some great plot line or character to add. Well. Make that nay character or plot line. No such fish in the river of inspiration to be caught at the moment.

I'll try not to break a leg.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We would like to...

... thank everyone who donated to the "get Wade and Judith a new camera"-fund...

We'd like to think we spent your precious gifts wisely by buying an Olypmus Evolt E-500, with a 14-45mm lens, and a 40-150mm lens, and of course the necesarry accesories (amongst which a polarisation filter... ty Heidi ;))

We'll be taking it out today, just to get it use to beign with us...!!

Again, thank you all for being there, and giving so incredibly generously to our cause.

We love you all,


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

so what's been cooking.....

.... you might ask.

"mostly me" i'd have to answer. about 3 weeks ago, i punished myself for wanting to look pretty in my dress by treating myself to a 10 minute ride in the sun canon at the local beautician's. i also got my eyebrows plucked. not a success either, as was the lobster-look colouring of my parts which don't usually see the light of day, let alone a ray of sunshine. it's all good now, i'm almost looking like i'm supposed to, the early summer (what's the opposite of an indian summer?) has fixed the strap problem and natural hair growth has got me my face back. sort of.

if comparing what you see in the mirror and what you look like in a picture.... which is the true you?

[just took a break and came back here after. in the mean time i got age-bashed, attacked for 45mil gold, and read an article about someone getting shot in the head. i also inquired after a possible package with lip gloss]

so, there's the wedding coming up in a week-and-a-half. they should put a health warning on those. it's bad for your physical health in general, but mostly for your sanity. if sanity was an athlete, it would be running like Haile Gebrselassi [sp?]. when it starts going, you don't really notice the speed, but it just keeps going and going.... until it find the finish line which is located at the morning-after. or so i hope at least.

so what happens when you get closer to d-day?

well, for one, you start doubting everything and anything. did you go for the right dress, location, guests, flowers? can you justify the spending of huge amounts fo money on things you'd never dream you'd spend money on at all? what's expensive, what's worth it, are *you* worth it, what about the dress, shoes.... and well, everything else.

phone calls get postponed until they cannot be avoided any longer. strange new guests pop up out of nowhere, reminding you of the few people you should've but didn't and now no longer can ask. online trivia starts taking over your days, when you're not wasting your time reading or watching tv or being lethargic in general.

the thing is to concentrate on all kinds of fun you're going to have afterwards. i got me a new cookbook full of sumptuous desserts. i'm going to try at least a few in the immediate weeks after the big day. must eat. can't be expected to still fit in my clothes, can i?

i'll leave you with thoughts of chocolate, cake and pudding. huzza!!!