Monday, August 14, 2006

Another August

Again, it's august. again, i need to think of things to do. So, another list.

- write newsletter, before wednesday, so, tomorrow
- bank.... cash the cheque, talk to them about the move
- IBG..... stop them from taking €100 a month starting in januari, which is when i won't have a job, and talk about the move
- city.... arrange for a new passport, and talk about the move.
- find an actual mover
- stop eating at night..... suffice to say, I'M HUNGRY!!! but that's mostly because of dinner..... white rice with some veal.... not very appetizing, not very filling either.... the 1/4th of amelon did not help much either. 3 kilo's do need to come of... hell if i know how though.

Hopefully, the list won't grow too awful long, as i'm tired and bored, and don't *really* want to do anything. keep in mind, i'm bored, cramped, annoyed and most of all, hungry. things might change after breakfast. in about 9 hours, maybe... [thank you shiggy, for mentioning pizza in my hour of need...... when i'm stuck with just a bottle of water...]

hell of a lot of dots in the above lines.... i should stop doing that. it's not like they have any particular function.

back to tasks at hand.

What happened next.....[insert drumrolls]
ok, he got here. a day late, but he did get here. got him home, then to the hairdresser who, (Joey) gave him a really nice cut. then home, dinner at De Egelantier, during which both of us almost fell asleep and the bottle of wine was mostly wasted. next day, grocery shopping for the BBQ, which didn't quite turn out as had hoped, but ok, it happened, everyone was there, and no one really did look bored ;) in between, went shopping for clothes, as W didn't really bring much, even though it was almost all he had. so, got him 2 really nice shirts, and one white and one black one for work, if that ever starts up. also, nice shoes, sandals, and, finally, some new shorts. after everyone went home, we went to town, had a drink at O'Mearas and then took a look at de graanbeurs, which is still the same as it was 10 years ago, only with mostly younger people in it now.

Sunday [insert screaming here, a fucking huge spider just walked across my floor and went underneath my bed....]

i don't think i can blog anymore now. this thing is huge. like palm sized, and no one here to catch it. i'll have to sleep in my chair

OK, the spider walked underneath my bed, back up to my *white* chest of drawers, onto it, and was wandering down to the desk i'm sitting at, bare-legged. after some screaming, more than i've done in probably the last 18 years, bro finally came up, played hero, and took the spider away. i still think i cna't do much more blogging now, i should probably get into bed, now it's all safe again, and before any more animals with more than 4 legs try to crawl beneath it when i cna see it. that should eb avoided at all costs.