Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bgosh! I learned something new today!

Ok, I know it will turn out that anyone/everyone paying attention to this knows about what I found out, only today. As this little nugget of information was absent during my educational years, I had to wait until Wikipedia led me to it.

Pray tell, I hear you ask through the informational highway. Not really, but I've upped the suspense with another sentence, and that makes me giggle. Well, hang on to your chairs, here comes!


uhm yes. Þ.

It is called "Thorn" and it's anlgo-saxon-icelandic and used in rhunic times right up until this day. Isn't that a wonderful thing?

It has the sound of either a Voiceless dental fricative, like th as in the English word thick, or a voiced dental fricative, like th as in the English word the.

And you know what? I actually know what they mean by that. Who would've thought that particular course would ever come in handy?

A slightly more knowledgeable me says Hi. Goodnight!