Monday, September 25, 2006

While you weren't watching....

i got on a plane, landed in Houston, spent 2 hrs waitng to get on my connecting flight, got onto it, and landed...... well...... we got to the ground, this last friday.
since then, i've had a banana shake, a bacon cheese burger with no mayonaise, no mustard, but with ketchup, swedish meatballs, IHOP, grill and a lot of fun shopping at IKEA...... yup, right into doing the house up, no wasting of time this trip. we spent about 5 hrs at IKEA, including breakfast and lunch, and spread over the weekend, about 8 hrs at Home Depot (Praxis). we have only returned a sink, pedestal, piping, and a number of other things, but i think i can get into action.... pictual evidence of the current state of the place will be provided shortly!