Friday, May 17, 2013

It's okay to keep casting on

But if it is not, I don't want to be right!

Due to a broken laptop fan and some difficulty writing a blog post, which is currently still a draft, it has been a bit quiet.

Not so much on the crafting front, so I have a few things to share! As I'm writing this on the phone, I'm not certain how the pictures will line up, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure out which is which.

First up, a sock yarn sweater, design by Hannah Fettig of knitbot fame. I'm already not looking forward to knitting the tiny sleeves, but otherwise it's a very satisfying tv knit, great for mommy brain moments!

Another one is the Wendy Blanket, which is crochet (I know, insane, I don't crochet, in fact, I do, but not often) and is starting to feel a bit daunting... The next section has 40 (40!) granny squares, and then it needs at least another granny square section. I want this blanket to last Luke a long time, so it needs to be large enough for when he starts filling out his bed.

Another thing I'm working on is writing down the pattern of the kerchief I knit out of some hand dyed sock yarn by Helen of Ripples Crafts fame. I love wild skeins and I also love not losing a shawl to grabby Bubs, and I'm hoping at least one of you does as well (your own Bubs, obviously)
The next one is already taking shape in my head, but with the speed of new Bubs related items appearing on my needles, it might take a while...

Not shown here is a vanilla sock, or another sock yarn sweater, as a cardigan in a linen/cotton blend which I cast on this afternoon. Or the Baby Sophisticate which is intended for next autumn. Neither is the small amount of spinning I've finally managed to do with Bubs in his wrap...

I figure that as long as I have needles, it's okay to keep casting on!