Friday, April 11, 2008

And speaking of the weather...

"What may have been a tornado twisted trees, damaged an airplane hangar and other buildings in Allen's Kitty Hawk Estates."

That's 2 blocks away from us. I'm not sure what woke me up this morning, if it was the house shaking, the door opening because of it, the speed-dial thunder flashes, the tornado warning siren or this

But all of the above happened around 04.03 this morning. We lost some roof shingles, and some of the netting in the greenhouse has come down again. Besides that, the sat dish twisted but stayed on the roof, and both garbage containers blew over. Oddly enough, all of my little garden pots and things stayed upright and in their place.

They say the neighbourhood behind us has some pretty good damage, as of course the little airfield. The Airport in Addisson had some mayor damage, roofs blown off buildings and the like. The office there was out of power all day, so they came over here to print a few things.

I got lucky and our building crew picked up most things outside, so now heavy yard work or picking up trash for me today. On a side note, both the Elementary and the High School lost power.

We're still standing.... even though a few other things like the corn in the field next to us isn't....