Wednesday, September 18, 2013

4 plus 18 equals #yarnpadc

You'll have to excuse the rather crappy pictures today. I don't get hours and hours of daylight when I get home, and there's someone more needy of my attention than these pictures when I do finally get home after work.

Speaking of needy, Bubs does need more trousers, so I made him a few. I started on these Big Butt Baby Pants while Stateside and they've remained nearly finished ever since (notice a trend?). I've been hand stitching them as that's just easier to do when traveling. I love my (mother's) sewing machine, just not enough to drag it around on a trolly across an ocean. I really just need to sit down and sew them on the machine. Just a little hemming to do, a couple of buttons to hold the elastic buttonhole waistband in place and I can strike another project off the unfinished list.

Guilty Pleasure....
I'm afraid I keep repeating myself. It's another skein of Ripples Crafts from the Assynt Storms range (gorgeous one-of-a-kind (OOAK, duh (note to self, that's what it means, please do remember for once)) Reliable Sock).
Technically, I don't exactly need more sock yarn. But, you know, the Precious!!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

#yarnpadc, day 17 and day 3.

Beverages and Blue. Not something I want to combine on most days. 

As today was another challenge to my sanity, I figured I deserved a hot Nesquik with a cheeky head of whipped cream. Served in my special Shakespeare Swearing Mug. It really has been one of those days...

Blue is the colour of one of my current in-love-with yarns. It's called Stormy Sea (Formerly known as Brave Lads and Lasses) and you can get it from Helen right here. She has it in a few different yarn weights, so there's no excuse. Go get some!

I'm knitting a few kilt socks out of 2 skeins. Size giant and size tiny. Guess which size this is...

Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 2 and day 16, #yarnpadc

Thanks AnnieBeeKnits for leaving a comment! The mittens in the last post are the Chawton Mittens. I think I've sufficiently shamed myself into finishing them before I need them. Seriously.

On to the next round of the Yarn Picture a Day Challenge.

Day 2 Something beginning with D...

I can't be the only one taking a picture of a box of Drops Baby Merino, can I? I've knit a few baby cardigans (the Tomten Jackets) and a few booties with this yarn. Soon, so very soon I need to start Bubs his own Tomten Jacket. There's a chill in the air suggesting it should be Autumn so very, very soon.

Day 16 In My Project Bag

I really like my project bag. Being the person who 'can make that myself', I've never spent money on something I could so easily make myself, or something like it at least. Except that I never have because I just don't happen to have done it (yet). Until I spotted this one, with its own knitterly decor. It's holding a little cowl-on-hold while I knit socks and cardies for the little one. The yarn is by Dutch Wool Diva and the pattern doesn't exist. Unless you count in my head and jotted down on a piece of paper. One day... one day. It turned out to be reversible and has some linen stitch and slipped stitches. I really like the ribbing...

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Late to the party: #yarnpadc

I  finally figured out what the deal was with the Yarn Picture a Day Challenge when I saw someone post a picture through Twitter. So I'm joining late, trying to catch up on some older challenges.
Today's challenge is "want". Fortunately, that's the Dutch word for mitten, which I have a lovely example of in my UFO basket. Two birds, one stone!
It's the cameo mittens from Jane Austen Knits, by @AnnieBeeKnits (sorry, not the correct name for the mittens or the designer, I'm on the phone. You can find them in my projects on Ravelry)
All I really need to do about them is kitchener stitch the tops and weave in the ends. I can't believe I've taken 2 years to get to this point! I'll have them done before I need them...