Thursday, January 11, 2007

here and there and everywhere

and sometimes one should update one's blog. It helps with keeping one's reader base from slipping into disinterest. Or so I imagine. If I had a reader base larger than the base of friends who know what's going on without me posting in here as a result of talking with me on the phone, or through texting, or through email even. But, if there is someone, something, some entity out there who just stumbles upon here, it would be nice for such alien a creature, to find something to read that is not months old. And anyways, it's the new year. New resolutions, or vague ideas of possible resolutions for the next year, have been made and already forgotten. Plans made to bring new elan to lives have already begun to gather dust, which isn't terribly hard or unexpected, because I don't dust very often. But that is besides the point. What the point is, exactly, isn't exactly clear, but by the end of this apparently pointless blog entry, one strives to have found a point. Just in case this end up being pointless, I have my needlepoint at the ready. So no matter how you end up after reading, I do have a point available, at least to myself. But enough of this pointless babbling.

If I haven't spoken with you yet this year, I'd like to wish you all the best for this new year. I'll leave it to your own discretion to come up with what you think is the best, because everyone needs something else to make their lives better. For instance, I would like to think, and am almost one hundred procent certain, that a visa to live with my new husbad of almost 7 weeks, would improve my life to no end. Hopefully, barring any unexpected sillyness, we should be able to work that out this year. If not, I may end up spending my life as an illegal Mexican, call myself Juanita, only speak spanglish and clean up other people's houses. Let's just assume we won't need to be that person, but never underestimate the jokes life will play on you if you're not very careful and read all the small letters on the bottom of the contract of your life. It may say "binman" in invisible fineprint. To any of you have get life served to you on a silver platter while you're having a champagne breakfast in your bed sized to befit a king, or in some cases a CEO, would like to say, as they do in odd places where sane people should dare not venture, "dai." I know of a few people who would love to take your life contract and rip it into tiny pieces to make a rather large number of lives significantly easier to live.

If you're a designer who answers phonecalls 3 days a week to make ends meet, I sincerely hope people who have the power to employ you and make your designs available to the masses, will pull their heads out of their asses, and give you a job already.

If you're a facility manager with more creativity that the regular facility can handle, I wish you all the luck that you don't really need with creating your own facility, and with making your own possibilities work for you. You can't really fail if you do it right.

For anyone else, there will be two more weddings, on a continent near you!™, © and or ® [whichever takes your fancy] Dates will be revealed.