Thursday, September 27, 2007

On checkered fabric, podcasts and the amazing punnik.


Last night was fun but weird. We went for a drink with a friend. Even though it was a Wednesday night, there is nothing much weird about it. The friend bit was. How odd is it to be thousands of miles from your 'other' home and sitting in some pretend bar, drinking with a lad you've known since he was a 14 yr old shaven-headed raver wearing bad training suits as a fashion statement. In spite of the weirdness, it was indeed a bunch of fun, and if his work changes this way more often, more drinks and nights out should be enjoyed. Too bad Lamieke couldn't be there this time, but surely there will be another chance one day. Hope it didn't hurt too bad to get up that early this morning, Godwin....

On the subject of checkered fabrics, Nell you will have to remain in the dark for a while longer yet. Suffice to say that I like my new and first sewing machine a lot. The automatic light, thread cutter, relative quietude and suppleness are a great treat after mom's old and loyal machine.

While I'm working down the list that is suggested by the title of this piece, I must commetn on the wonderfulness of the invention of the podcast. Yes, I know who was voted party leader for the PvdA. I heard it on the radio! I'm all bewildered about the goings on at Radio Bergeijk, with our broadcasters being paria'ed and all that funky stuff.

I might as well go on with the amazing Punnik. Amazing, because amazingly enough, it seems to be a bead that didn't get brought to baffle the natives. Or maybe it was, and they weren't impressed. Nevertheless, no on around here seems to have ever heard of it, or seen one, no less knows what in the Good Lords' [plural, wouldn't want to offend any of them] Name this weird circular piece of wood with a hole down the middle as if cut with an apple core thingy, and with bow-like metal bits sticking out the top. I felt a little like the first explorer hitting a foreign shore, showing bits of mirrored glass to the natives to which the aptly respond with ooh's and aaah's. Many puzzled looks remained after my explanation which included visual aids, but I blaim that on them, not me. WIth me being infallible, it can't be my fault, you see?

Anyroad, must return to 4th grade homework support, and saving my furniture from (more) lemonade stains. Though I wish she'd start reading in silence instead of reading an entire comic out loud, while mispronouncing every other word. One's allowed a few dreams, right?

Btw, don't forget my birthday tomorrow. I get to talk to exterminators, and do laundry! Huzzah!!!

Judith, scratching away the days until old age sets in and bugs no longer enjoy drinking her blood.